on Monday, December 13

1. SALAM Pembaca sekalian, penulis baru kembali selepas bercuti.

2. Apa yang hendak penulis hightlightkan hari ini ialah pendedahan demi pendedahan sama ada dari Wikileaks, Australia dan Lee Kuan Yew mengenai pemimpin De Facto. Di dalam hal ini, penulis ingin menyampaikan sebuah mesej yang dikirimkan kepada penulis di dalam bahasa Inggeris.

3. The Online edition of Australia's Sydney Morning Herald quoted Singapore intelligence officials as saying that the de facto leader of PKR, actually did engage in the conduct (of sodomy) for which he is currently standing trial.

4.According to the online paper the information exposed by the infamous online whistle-blowing site, Wikileaks, was relayed toAistralia's National Office of Intelligence (ONA) by its Singaporean counterpart, which wnt on to spin it as a case of entrapment by Anwar's enemies in Malaysia.

5. In a swift reply this afternoon(yesterday), Anwar tweeted the source of the report as coming from Malaysia's Special Branch(SB)and that there was no proof of allegation.

6. The information is among several cables that deal with private views of Senior Singapore officials, which included statements that said Malaysia was confused and a dangerous atate as a result of incompetent politicians.

7. The alleged cable dated November 2008, that was exclusively released to Australia's newspaper The Sun-Herald stated :..." The Australians said that Singapore's intelligences services and [Singaporean elder statesmen] Lee Kuan Yew told ONA in their exchanges that Malaysia's opposition leader Anwar ' did indeed commit the acts for which he is currently incited '...

8. The document went on to say the Singapore intelligence told ONA that the assessment was based on technical intelligence velieved to be in the form of intercepted communications. END.

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