on Sunday, May 13

Many peoples asking me when and how DS Anwar Ibrahim will be a Prime Minister.

Normally, a request for a royal pardon is presented before a royal pardon board, depending on where a person has been found guilty, and this can happen upon the recommendation of authorities concerned. 

This request has to be agreed upon by His Royal Highness concerned. When that is done, the person is then released a free man immediately to allow what the Prime Minister says, some one has to vacate his parliamentary seat to pave way for a by-election so that he can stand in that by-election and assumes that he wins. He can be recommended by the coalition to be appointed Prime Minister upon the resignation of the siting Prime Minister who says will give way. 

Anyway, we should focus to the rakyat. We also must give a time to the Prime Minister, Tun Dr Mahathir to save the nation and also take us to greater height. He has all the qualities to do it. The time is now, lets forget about the past.

I think that's the scenario. Maybe i'm wrong.

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