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In academic, we say that the government remains, people running the government change. Malaysia government is HM the King, all the nine Malay Sultans and all 4 Yang Dipertua Negeri. The people running the federal and state governments change but the civil servant and civil services are neutral. They support the government of the day.That's the principle of democracy. They implement policies decided by the ruling party for the benefits of the people.

In Malaysia, people may find it hard to believe and accept because this is the first time alliance and national front parties do not rule. They have ruled since 1955. In other countries, it a normal process and part of governing.

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Anonymous said...

Civil servants will be professional as always. The policies of the new govt will be upheld similar with the treatment to the previous govt. It is not as if govt policy changes are new. It happened all this time since Independence. Even when GST is abolished, they will make sure SST would be as painless as possible, even when they knew the eventual economic health of the nation would decline. Sometime feeling pain is needed before a lesson can be learnt. The civil servant can only advice but not decide. I pray to God that the Malaysian people are quick learners.

Anonymous said...

Assallamualaikum AAS,

It seem this blog now seen the reality after being the cheerleader for the kleptocrat for awhile...see the problem is PUBLIC SERVANT should not or rather MUST NOT be an accomplice to OBVIOUS and BLATANT malfeasance that were going on.

Whistleblower MUST be protected however, if a ulterior motive/s were detected that whistleblowing were misguided then the whistleblower should be reprimanded!

On the hand if Whistleblower brought/reported a credible case, then the relevent agencies must act according to the law of the land.

We have seen countries acted upon sitting presidents like Brazil and South Korea and even the most powerful country like the US do take down or impeached their sitting presidents as in Nixon and Bill Clinton!

The problem is Najib has become too arrogant to be at least considering the advise from elders let alone listening and acting on it! He took more step further via,

- firing of the AGC citing 'false' pretext ie. health issue
- relieving of Abu Kassim and replaced a 'lackey' in MACC
- force-retiring a DyDir of SB Ahmad Bador
- twisting of hands BNM's Governor General Zeti Aziz
- deploying LHDN for intimidation exercises...
- employing EC to do the 'DIRTY' tricks
- Inaction of former IGP "..cari sampai lubang cacing.." until he bought the time till retirement and awarded with a 'fat' appointment to continue earning monetary reward..well via 'legal' work perse
- subdued UMNO into full (read FOOL) subservience and ALL the hierarchy seem having no guts to challenge the establishment on the basis of telling the TRUTH to operate with integrity.
- the WORST part of it all is when PARLIAMENT is used to curtailed any possibilities of discussing issues that mattered to the people, in that sense even the speaker is seen in cahoot...

I have a lot more to continue...but having followed your blog since JENTAYUABAKA and found credence early on but, since you hopped into the 'bugis-warrior's' vessel, your 'blind' allegiance were detected and I left reading your postings just like the long-list of UMNO's blog that does not even celebrate healthy rebuttals.

But hey, you probably think that I am some insignificant reader who resides in AMERICA (I am melayu-muslim-Bugis) whom had traveled and work in different part of the world for more than 3 decades but, that doesn't bother me hence, I'd rather remained MLN (anonymous) and made my rounds and contribute my own ways to the country from abroad.

You are in some ways US educated if I am not wrong and Islam seem close to your heart and blog, but I asked you one simple question, do we as muslim condoned THEFT and ABUSES and LYING protecting a leader to hold onto power and control?

You know whats worst? Even in resigning Najib did not admit FAILURE, still harking on PERCEPTIONS as an excuses. Being noble is to seek FORGIVENESS from ALLAH and the very people you have been at fault or caused the misery. But no, he still thought of himself highly. These are not perceptions, people see through his doings and talkings and, only himself to blame instead of others, period!

I apologised for this deliberate long write-up (cut-short actually) or I had misconceived.



Anonymous said...

Malaysian people love free gifts and read slanders from social media.. Not quick learners.

Al-Azharri Siddiq Haji Kamunri said...

Thanks a lor Mr MLN and all.

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